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Roadmap to Oil and Gas Protections: September 24th Session - Shared screen with gallery view
Andreas Maihoefer
we see the speakers note. don’t know if that is intended.
Andreas Maihoefer
Robin you can switch the monitor that you are showing so that only the presentation slide itself shows.
Andreas Maihoefer
there is a little symbol ay the top of the screen, two curved arrow hugging each other. that is where you can swap displays. i assume you see the full slide on one of your monitors and the speakers view on the other. by clicking that icon/button you change what is shown to participants.
Vanessa Lynch
Moms Clean Air Force Facebook page live feed - https://www.facebook.com/MomsCleanAirForcePA/videos/360897308437703/?__cft__[0]=AZUZaZ4bzUT8001-__twIRQHuUMUeZHR2xqKtUWO1NI1u1jcelF4grN9JG4zUVbTgsV2Q2s9PrFk7vM3Ekd6RF1zFsYfjoa4vnT0PbcWQaYl5mgWPzeedseH6UNT-wdR3B59qfjCwMAcZ9RuQM86O9xS5-6NCfxUfcZ-iQrXxRf7JGYgkmYXk7ZwSqXnz3cOF4ccxoIW-iKFQxmUbZFH6PkLUH97oAyCXGlyY-Xg1wZ0PA&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
Vanessa Lynch
And, Food and Water Watch Facebook live feed - https://www.facebook.com/FWW.PA/videos/1221856211525642/?__cft__[0]=AZWyTOCf0l7jO_mF5PGLg_a61t75qevZIuQwxRkAlKheMb22nLaHB4r5JMdTqzia1KCVlm6OgFrRPV9vgct-BOJiDyXAOQq6w_Gmbnqc9Umv_eGN1Z0l_X0Q04IfSEbpLcXCmGpGa7HGqWHa8CLG33I1aB1C8-Lvqe0ErhMmthtyzVYqLpe45erov83EeRhy3AzRpHFqC2e9QWzbyaVSxx3e&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R
Robin Martin
Hi Andreas, thank you, I am trying to switch, but it isn’t working. We are hoping that I can fix this before the next presentation
Robin Martin
Andreas, thank you— I had to unplug and replug my additional monitor in order to switch. Thank you for being an awesome team player!
Andreas Maihoefer
actually, you just fixed it. I looked away for a moment and now you have the full slide showing, perfect!
Andreas Maihoefer
Not sure which button you pushed.
Robin Martin
I unplugged and replugged the second monitor to have the hugging arrows reappear— what an adventure! Thanks again :)
Maren Cooke
Leaseholders and activists are all breathers!
Andreas Maihoefer
you have to swap displays again
Andreas Maihoefer
Thanks Vanessa, Lisa, Robin. I have to log off. see you at the next event!